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How to grow your own… social media accounts

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We all have a tendency to get lazy with social media. Lots of browsing, never much posting. This is because it actually takes a lot more time, energy, and money than you first expect to craft social media posts that work. Here at OggaDoon, we’re experts.

A great example of the impressive social media results we’ve achieved is our work with The Vegetable Diva.

We were first approached last year by Sonya Devi, CEO and Founder of The Vegetable Diva. Sonya was looking for help increasing her social media profile to generate footfall to her cafe whilst also giving herself some time back to spend in the kitchen, making her delicious vegetarian creations.

In the space of 6 months, we made some serious progress:

  • 158.8% increase in Twitter followers
  • 150,000 impressions on Twitter
  • 300% increase in LinkedIn followers
  • Average CTR of 8.3% on LinkedIn

Chat with us about how we did it.

We picked Twitter and LinkedIn as the two main platforms to grow, as Sonya remained in charge of Instagram. Through clever tweets that capitalised on trending topics, used beautiful imagery, and tagged relevant press and influencers, we were able to make the Vegetable Diva Twitter account skyrocket. We also created and quickly grew the Vegetable Diva LinkedIn page as we knew this would help increase business and corporate catering opportunities. On both platforms, our results speak for themselves.

Looking to relaunch your brand after lockdown? We’re digital marketing experts.

Author: Bobby Marsh

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