You have scaled up and the business is taking off, but your media and online presence is struggling to keep up and reflect this. You have heard about multi-media, mixed-marketing approaches, and now digital marketing but you are not entirely sure what it all entails: so here is our short debrief of inbound digital marketing for business owners, from us (the experts) to you.
Essentially, digital marketing covers the whole way a business brand displays itself online, visually and via content, covering everything from the website, emails, blogs, infographics, interactive tools, social media channels, ebooks, white papers, brochures, design and logo assets etc. Head reeling yet?
How does digital marketing work?
Digital marketing works for you by pushing your brand out in the public online space, to cross paths with as many people as possible. There is no tool more powerful to engage your intended audience, in a way that creates reach for your brand and builds up your online brand profile and influence.
What can digital marketing do?
Successful digital marketing will increase brand recognition, traffic, and ultimately serve to increase access to your target market, close sales and accrue revenue. This can be done via the more traditionally outbound marketing approach which works by pushing content out externally to your website, or via the inbound methodology which works to pull people to your website. Both work to strategically place your brand in the right place, at the right time, to create the right traffic.
What is the difference between inbound digital marketing and outbound?
Inbound is as it sounds – this approach of marketing works to attract people to your website via well optimised content hosted on your site. As the owner of your business this is your chance to showcase your knowledge on topics that are key areas of interest to your target market, rather than the outbound approach which is more actively seeking your market externally to your site.
Inbound draws people in, using a refined and targeted approach to your content and SEO that invites people to interact with your brand through a variety of ways, whereas outbound is more persuasive in tone and works more to actively push your brand on your target market.
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