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A longer and more detailed version of this talk was given by our Creative Content Manager, Emily Perkins, speaking at OiConf this year. Want the full version, tailored to you? Get in touch here.
Not everything works all of the time.
There are plenty of exciting and inspiration talks at this conference, but like any conference, sometimes it can be very disheartening to return to the office, try out all the tricks…and then they don’t work. We all know that content is king, and influencing online is key to growing your brand and business.
Sometimes not working looks different.
Not working for one company could mean not seeing £1m revenue increase, whereas for another, it can be not increasing website visits by 100%. Whatever result you want to see, and you know why you are reading this, you want to ensure that you see that result. When ROIs are tight and your content seems to be going nowhere, that can be a real challenge.
I’m here to talk about what to do when content doesn’t work.
This can be a difficult subject as no one likes to admit that what they’re doing isn’t working, but only by testing, trying, and changing what you’re doing can you hope to improve results. We’re going to treat this a little like a diagnosis of a patient, so bear with me if my metaphor doesn’t quite extend! You should leave this masterclass with some tangible and practical diagnoses for your content. Note: sorry, you probably won’t from this blog alone! Make sure you get in touch with Emily for a chat.
First, you need to decide what result are we not seeing?
What is the content doing that it shouldn’t, or should be doing that it’s not? Most of the time this comes down to the three things: not increasing visitors, not increasing dwell time, not increasing conversion.
Not increasing traffic
Where are you sharing?How engaged are you on social?When did you last update your SEO?Do you have a newsletter?Can you pitch to 3rd party?
Not increasing dwell time
Is it valuable? Is it meaningful? Is it boring? Is it accessible?
Not increasing conversion
Check your CTAs. Check your offering. Check your user experience.
And if that doesn’t work? Well, not everything works all the time. Trends and algorithms change, and what worked last year probably won’t work this year. Rapidly changing online and digital parameters mean that even when they are not announcing it, Google and social networks are always tweaking, which means that your content should be.
Wished you could have the full thing? Come get it! Just click here to get in touch with Emily.

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