At OggaDoon we love sustainable, ethical brands that are true to their word and practise what they preach. We work with a number of them, and are regular patrons of many more, including Boston Tea Party, the cafe chain that has made headlines this week with the announcement that they will be shunning disposable coffee cups.
Reusable coffee cups are a trend that’s been growing with customers for a while, and many cafes have offered discounts for anyone that shuns the throwaway cup (or ‘taxes’ for those who don’t), but Boston Tea Party’s initiative to ban single-use receptacles entirely is a bold move.
From 1st June, Boston Tea Party’s take-out customers will need to bring their own cups if they want their drink to-go. Takeaway orders make up 5.2% of the chain’s £19.8m turnover, so it’s no small ask of their loyal customer-base, but owner Sam Roberts promises they will make it as easy as possible for everyone to get their caffeine hit, offering loan cups to anyone who forgets.
The aim isn’t just to reduce their own carbon footprint, but to encourage other chains to do the same.
“We will make this work and we’ll share details of how we’ve done it with anyone who wants our help to do the same.” Mr Roberts said.
“We dream of a future where our children marvel at the fact that pre-2018 we would regularly use a cup once and throw it away. The discarded cup could then take centuries to decompose. When you consider it in those terms, it really is senseless.”
What are you doing to become more sustainable? A small step the team at OggaDoon has taken, is matching Chilly’s water bottles that we carry everywhere to avoid buying single-use plastics on our travels.