Turning on the light in Yemen: Image (C) PV Solar
Renewable energy is fast becoming one of the focal points for investment around the world, but one man from Yemen is proving that you don’t need to have stacks of money and more PhDs than fingers to make it work.
The civil war in Yemen that has continued for over two years has made it near impossible for people to access electricity on a regular basis. The political crisis fed the energy crisis, making both fuel and generators costly to run and difficult to get hold of.
One person tired of the situation was Anwar Al-Haddad, and after being forced to rely on the local energy sources, he decided to take matters into his own hands.
The app that he created with absolutely no coding experience is called PV Solar, and has dramatically changed the landscape of energy in Yemen. After all, you’d be hard pressed to find many cities like Sanaa who have moved from 5% solar energy supply to over 50%.
Now over 60,000 devices around Yemen have the PV Solar app downloaded, and thousands of homes and business are taking back control of their energy, avoiding blackouts and keeping their running costs down.
There are unexpected benefits too. Now that so many generators have been replaced, the air around the town is cleaner and quieter.
We at OggaDoon love creative enterprises that seek to benefit the community, and now it is Yemen, perhaps surprisingly, that is leading the way in community solar power.