Festival season is almost upon us, and we’re already excited for Shambala 2017.
Shambala was started almost two decades ago by ‘a motley collection of dreamers, thinkers, artists, radicals and romanticists,’ and we can’t think of a better way to spend an August Bank Holiday weekend than covered in glitter and spilled cider, frolicking in Northamptonshire fields with a crowd like that.
This year’s theme, Adventures in Utopia, celebrates the 500th anniversary of Thomas Moore’s book ‘Utopia’, and aims to inspire revellers to build a paradise in the here and now. Creative Director Sid’s idea of Utopia is a place with “No borders, so people can walk freely with open minds and hearts and learn from each other’s cultures and customs,” which perfectly sums up the Shambala vibe.
Shambala 2017 boasts a range of over 200 acts to suit all musical persuasions (My Baby, Speech Debelle and Foreign Beggars to name just a few). But there’s so much more to the festival than just the music. There are dance and craft workshops, market stalls, yoga sessions and more to fill the halcyon days, plus a 100% meat and fish free menu to cure your hangover, with foodie favourites including Thali Café, Pieminister and Happy Maki making an appearance.
They’re also one of the greenest festivals out there: Shambala have reduced their carbon footprint by 81% in the last five years; are powered by 100% renewable energy; run a ‘bring your own cup’ initiative, and include a £10 recycling deposit in the ticket price to encourage festival-goers to clean up the site when they leave.
Rumour has it that 2017 is the final year in their Northamptonshire home, before they make a move to an as-yet unrevealed location for 2018. This year’s tickets are already 95% gone, so if you’re looking for a perfect way to say goodbye to another summer (and celebrate the original home of Shambala), you need to be quick!