Western societies are often considered to be wasteful, none more so than when we look at food which is often chucked out routinely. We are becoming more Pavlovian to ‘Best Before’ and ‘Use By’ dates to doctrine this behaviour. However, it is well known that you can take a risk and go beyond the advisory note. And now, to support your belief and ascertain, tech is close at hand to underpin this.
Or it soon will be if two 14 year old entrepreneurs continue their winning streak. Eat Me App, from Bristol’s India and Siena, connects a fridge to a phone and sends an alert when food goes off. For those who are tech savvy or rely on notifications to get through a day, this could be your saviour! It may also deliver more than Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Hugh’s War on Waste campaign in actually getting the broad populace engaged with better food management. Our food waste issue is more than the fridge situation however apps like this have significant potential in shifting behaviour through the appliance of tech rather than leaflets.
Underpinning this is the simplicity of the idea. Which is what most successful tech is based on. Clear, unfettered, almost child-like thinking often results in a fantastic product. The teentrepreneurs are through to the finals Pitch@Palace today 1st November – fingers crossed that the end of stinky fridges is in sight!