Nationwide App Launch at a National Event


app downloads in 4 days

 150 %

increase in Twitter engagement

 700 %

increase in website visits



To drive engagement with a new app as it launched in the UK to increase downloads of the free app, drive engagement to and within social channels and in the app, utilising social, digital, events, press, and more and test and develop keywords, messaging, and images across PPC and paid social.


Using our Scale 90 package, increases in both social following and engagement, website visits and duration, and most importantly, app downloads with consistent onward engagement. We connected with a range of bloggers and influencers, secured press coverage, and saw increased engagement in the app in the weeks following the event.


90% of apps that are downloaded are used once and then deleted. We needed to work closely with our client to strategically prepare for their UK launch, ensuring that before, during, and after the event there was excited, positive chatter. Continued engagement would ensure the app became part of the 10% of apps that actively play a value in their users’ lives, so we crafted recommendations aimed at keeping users within the app for longer as well as increasing number of downloads.


Starting with our Scale 90 package, we developed a fully integrated digital media and PR content engagement plan that aligned with business strategies, with a strategic in-app engagement plan, targeted paid for ads/boosted posts, in-app messaging, supportive PR and reach outs to online bloggers. With the budget available we were able to cover: PPC, paid for and organic social, press releases and liaison, live tweeting/Instagramming, live event competition, free brand swag, vox pops with attendees and bloggers, print ads, connecting with exhibitors, speaking with celebrity guests, and crib sheets for staff. One of our team spent the full five days with our client’s team with another OggaDoon team member working remotely, offering dedicated on hand assistance. During the event we delivered: 74 tweets 33 Instagram posts Hourly Instagram Stories update and Highlights management 15 Facebook posts 4 voxpops filmed with influencers 2 Facebook and Instagram paid ad campaigns 1 Google Ads campaign Organic reach was supported with paid reach on social, with a 4.7% engagement rate on Facebook Boosted posts, compared to 2% industry standard.

Guerilla Tactics Used:

Media Marketing

Social Media Strategy

Content Marketing

Live Social Posting

Social Marketing

Content Creation

Something Else

Paid Ads