Using social media to market your event

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Organising an event is no mean feat. Who do you want to attend? How will you ensure they show up? How will you even get the word out that your event is happening? The easy answer is social media. In this blog, we’ll help you navigate the often overwhelming landscape that is event marketing on social platforms. With 24% of marketers believing that social networking will have the highest impact on their event, we think you’ll find it’s worth it.

Social media for events

There are a number of options for promoting your event. To start with, you need a catchy title that will immediately convey the message of your event and why people should come. Put some time in to creating a visually attractive poster, and you’re almost ready to get started with sharing your event on social media.

Flyering and word of mouth used to be the go-to tactics for event marketing, but social media has made it so much easier. Posting your event on your social channels will soon lead to word of mouth referrals as people share with their friends, and notice other people they are interested in meeting are attending.

In fact, companies who combine social media and event marketing in their yearly strategies see a 236% increase in click throughs, and 87% of companies who use social media in their event marketing believe that their attendees actively share their experiences on their own channels.

1. Facebook for events

Creating a Facebook event page is a great way to manage engagement, gauge interest, and communicate with attendees directly. Facebook event listings are one of the platform’s most popular features, and are often shared amongst networks to create more reach that you’d ever have been able to achieve alone.

Facebook also sends reminders to anyone who has expressed an interest in your event. This is an easy way to communicate schedule times, location, and any potential changes with attendees.

2. Get ahead of the curve

LinkedIn is currently trialling an event feature in New York and San Francisco. Similar to Facebook events, it offers the ability to invite connections, share the event location, and engage with your attendees ahead of the big day.

With the amount of professional events taking place across the UK it’s likely that this feature will really kick off. Keep your eyes peeled, and impress your connections by being one of the first to send them a LinkedIn event invite.

Don’t discount the channel completely. You can still promote your event in a normal post, with an external link and your cover image. Ask your co-hosts or event contributors (e.g. speakers) to share promotional material through their own networks.

3. Take advantage of adverts

Depending on your budget there are a number of social media advertising options available. Facebook ads allow you to select your target audience, and monitor the responses to understand which groups are most interested in your event.

4. Create a hashtag

The best way to keep track of engagement before, during, and after your event is by creating a strong hashtag that you promote alongside your event. You can take advantage of this to encourage communications, and get exposure during the event. 

Make sure the hashtag is on display throughout all your promotional material, and use it whenever you engage with other people online about the event. That way it is more likely to catch on, and you’ll be able to see what others are saying about you.

34% of event attendees say they will make a post about events they are attending or have attended on their social media accounts. If you can work with influencers to create a buzz, even better, but that’s for another article…

5. Livestream!

The best way to get people interested in your events is to make them appealing to those who aren’t there yet. Livestream your event on YouTube, Instagram stories, or using your hashtag to create a Twitter thread of the highlights. Those who are there will be excited to get involved in the fun, and those who aren’t will wish that they had attended.

So, there is it. Five steps to social media marketing for your event. One of the best things about social media is that most of us know how to use it as individuals. Translating your skills to promote your business is an easy step. Now it’s time for you to join the 88% of companies who use social media to increase awareness and encourage bookings before an event.

Need a hand? OggaDoon’s Event 90 programme is designed to take the weight from your shoulder, and offers a 90-day support package to make sure your event has the ultimate marketing strategy to generate bookings and engagement.

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