How disruptive guerrilla marketing gets you noticed.

Modern living means existing in a saturated urban and digital landscape where space is valuable. Competitive advertising is a prime example of this commodification of space as every virtual and physical blank space is seized by advertisers and used to promote a brand or product.

It should then not come as a surprise that the average modern person sees 5000 adverts a day. This figure is insane and clearly no one is going to remember all these ads. This creates a problem: there are too many adverts.

The point of marketing is to get noticed, right? So how do you stand out from 4999 other adverts? 


'Attention Please' GIF.

The key to getting noticed is to disrupt a person’s routine. If your natural daily flow is disrupted then you’re more likely to remember it. 

Make people laugh

Last year, Netflix released a hugely successful video campaign for their TV series ‘Orange is the New Black’ where the TOWIE star Gemma Collins featured in a blinged up prison outfit. The video received 102,558 views from an organic post on Netflix’s UK Twitter account because it made people laugh.  

Challenge your audience

One of the biggest marketing successes from winter 2018 was Iceland’s banned palm oil advert. The frozen foods supermarket rebranded a Greenpeace cartoon video on the effects of palm oil on the Orangutan. Iceland’s advert posted to their YouTube account and received 6,023,089 views without having ever aired on TV because it challenged viewers. 

Shock your audience

Women’s Aid, a charity working to help victims of domestic abuse and prevent it from happening, created an impactful billboard that used facial recognition technology to ‘heal’ the wounds of a virtual victim of domestic violence by the audience looking at the advert. As well as thousands of organic impressions from passers by, the released video showing the billboard in action received 76,999 views (to date) because the image shocked people. 

In an oversaturated market it’s important to get noticed. We can help. We use a disruptive guerrilla content style to create reach, impact and amplification. Get in touch to find out more.