180 Hours at OggaDoon

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Having been at OggaDoon for just over a month now I’m using this time to reflect back on what has been an incredible time.
I remember moving to Bristol from my previous company was extremely daunting. The fear of the unknown was muddled with excitement for a new beginning. I was eager to move from client side over to agency in order to give me more variety in my work and an opportunity to learn new skills.
When I first came across OggaDoon I was immediately enticed by the size of the company; I knew that in a smaller team you have autonomy and responsibility but also you have nowhere to hide. Initially the biggest concerns were over how I could manage multiple different clients at once and my ability to change my tone of voice to reflect the client. Having had experience in marketing different aspects of my old company and using different tones of voice across the different social platforms I tried to not let these reservations faze me.
In my first week, albeit it half week, I knew I’d hit the ground running. On my first day I was introduced to 2 main clients but, surprisingly I was given ample time to read through the blog, customer profiles, marketing plans and analytics reports from the latest campaigns. That crucial time allowed me to read up on everything I needed to know about the clients I’d be working with and gain insight that I wouldn’t get just from reading around on their websites. During the afternoon Emily and I sat down and she took the time to talk me through both clients, talking about our work with them and answering any questions I had.
The following couple of days picked up in intensity; at this point I was writing and reviewing content for the month, and scheduling an AdWords campaign. At the end of the week, one thing was overwhelmingly clear; I made the right choice joining OggaDoon. In just those few days I felt extremely valued as my opinions and suggestions were actively welcomed and implemented. Emily was always there to support me with any questions I had, offering her guidance and encouraging me to trust in my own abilities.
As the month has progressed I’ve found myself being thrown into the deep end with a number of projects – but never without the full support of my colleagues. From the second week I was analysing paid social and AdWords campaigns, making recommendations and implementing those recommendations, writing proposals, creating analytics reports for monthly social activities and writing content for clients and OggaDoon.
OggaDoon has given me everything I was looking for in my next role; confidence, opportunity to learn new marketing skills, autonomy, flexibility and the feeling of being a necessary part of the organisation.
I heard on the grapevine that we might be looking for more people to join the team! Whether you’re a seasoned marketer, media relations professional or are looking for a digital marketing apprenticeship send your CV to Emily@OggaDoon.co.uk!

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