Emily Perkins Puts ‘Future Brunels’ Through Their Pitching Paces

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Today our Creative Content Manager, Emily Perkins, ran a workshop with nine Future Brunels to explore the ways that you can communicate a highly complex technology to journalists eager for a story.

The Future Brunels programme aims to inspire and enthuse young people with science and engineering, throughout their time at secondary school. By introducing young people to the impacts science and engineering already have on their own and other’s lives, and to the range of career options available to them through studying STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) subjects, the programme encourages the Future Brunels to consider careers in the broadest set of STEAM fields.
After creating three story scenarios, the young ‘Future Brunels’ students were given fifteen minutes to create thirty-second and three-minute pitches, and prepare for questions – and they did not disappoint.
“Talking about something very technical with a lot of jargon does not come easily to many people,” Emily shared with the students. “But we work hard at OggaDoon to ensure that we draw out the passions of our clients, and then communicate that passion to the world.”
When a company is concentrating on developing innovative and world leading products or services, they often are not considering how to communicate their story. With inspiration drawn from our clients Zeetta Networks, past clients Fathom, and friends DotWorks at Entrepreneurial Spark, Emily created some fake news for imagined companies that the pupils had to work with.
“They did incredibly well,” said Emily. “With very little time and no specific background knowledge of my made up clients, each student contributed a pitch or answered questions, and I was very impressed. It’s vital that young people know that working in the technology world doesn’t always mean you have to hold a soldering iron.”
Our Creative Content Manager, Emily, has given these students a little taste of what it’s like to be working within the tech sector from a communications perspective, and it’s our hope here at OggaDoon that we continue to see more young people with an appetite for contributing to this vibrant and successful sector.

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