Influencer Marketing: Nurturing a generation 

Influencer marketing. Don’t think you need it? Don’t think it’s relevant? Think again. 

Whether you’re a small start-up providing services or a global fast-fashion giant, influencer marketing is an essential part of brand growth and survival – and if you’re concerned you’re missing out, drop us a line. Every customer facing business should be doing it and here’s why…

Relationship Building 

Influencers provide more than just a large platform of followers. They create meaningful and lasting connections with young audiences and consequently can leverage your business to develop a significant relationship with the same audience. Google reported that 4 in 10 millennial youtube subscribers say their favourite creator understands them better than their own friends. Moreover, influencers offer a closer relationship to their audiences than even traditional celebrities, with 6 in 10 teens reportedly following advice from influencers over celebrities. 

With this in mind, it’s clear that influencers can do a lot more than push a single product or simply drive traffic to a website. Influencer marketing can help develop a brand relationship amongst a younger audience who will trust the influencer and consequently trust your brand by proxy.

Brand Transparency

Influencer marketing also helps to create brand transparency and accountability. With recent controversies such as Kim Kardashian’s Diclegis ad, it’s hardly surprising that 81% of people believe social media has increased accountability for businesses. Influencers are the gateway for businesses to visibly align themselves with ethical positions and individual reputations. So when a problem or controversy occurs, brands are held accountable – not only by customers but also the influencers, and in turn their audience.

Nevertheless, this accountability also provides customers with a sense of transparency and legitimacy that results in conversions. 73% of customers are willing to pay more for products that guarantee total transparency, making influencer marketing very much in the interest of every business. 

Industry Standards

The influencer industry has grown exponentially with total spend expected to hit $10bn by 2020, resulting in an industry growth of 500% in 3 years. If you want to keep up with your competitors now’s the time to get stuck into influencer marketing (if you aren’t already). 

Influencer marketing is designed to relate your brand to an audience. Whether you have an individual product or not, it doesn’t matter. By increasing brand visibility and engagement the audience will develop a trust and relationship with your brand, consequently motivating potential future sales and ultimately evolving your business into a tangible brand.

The influencer age is upon us – embrace it! 

Worried about stepping into a social media minefield? If you’re short on time but recognise the value of influencer marketing we can help – get in touch with us now.