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How to Make Sure Your App Downloads Never Plateau

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Generating hype around your app before it launches is important, as we explained in this blog about app marketing, but no matter how much excitement you create before and during your launch, there are new apps to market every day. With new apps released every second, it won’t take long until your downloads hit a slump.

app marketing blog

So what can you do?

We all know that without SEO, it’s unlikely your website will get seen. Well, it’s the same for apps… except more so. App Store Optimisation (ASO) is your tool to increasing visibility of your app in the marketplace. By improving your ASO, your app will naturally be placed before more viewers, increasing the likelihood of it being downloaded. So what are the key elements of ASO for app marketing?


You need be updating your keywords and making sure they are relevant. You can use a variety of tools to do this, including App Annie, which displays top ranking keywords as well as data on how people are interacting with your app.

Digital presence

Your online presence is also key to strong ASO; maintaining your business website, posting regular blogs on topics targeted to your audience, and updating your social media will generate valuable backlinks and social proof.

App retention

As well as these back-end factors, your app retention after download also affects its ASO. This is calculated as the number of times people open your app and the number of people who uninstall app, versus the number who keep it within 30 days. This number will affect your ranking, and you can improve your app retention if your app description encompasses your target audience. It’s also heavily affected by the amount of notifications you are releasing after download.


Reviews will affect your ranking, so make sure you are encouraging users to write a review and even consider offering an incentive of some kind. At the end of the day, reviews are the second thing people look at after the description, if not the first! You don’t want to overwhelm people with notifications or review requests when they first download but you also want to make sure they don’t forget. Finding this balance is key and applying a gradual strategy tends to be the most successful in app marketing.

app marketing blog

But I’m still seeing downloads decrease

If you have ticked all these boxes and are still observing a plateau of downloads, you may want to run some A/B tests on your app store listing.

A/B testing involves sending one version of your listing or website to one group of people and a different version – perhaps a different title, description, screenshots, videos, visual icons etc. – to another group. If you only change one of these elements each time you send out a test, this allows you to isolate the specific element of your listing and see what works and what doesn’t.

Google has their own tool that enables you to do this however, Apple offers nothing of the kind so you’ll either have to use paid tools such as StoreMaven or run tests on your website instead.

This sounds like a lot of work

Having a successful app is a full-time investment. The marketplace is constantly evolving, and you need to evolve with it. Quality is great but for that to be valued consistency is key. Always keeping on top of ASO factors, generating well scheduled online content and running occasional A/B tests to refine your user experience will ensure you have a steady growth of downloads, user base and conversion rates.

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Author: Bobby Marsh

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