Today we welcome Chris Booth from Pillar AI to reveal the incredible developments being made with chatbots…

Being a marketer in 2018 is tough. You’re expected to achieve amazing results with near zero marketing budget, and thanks to frequent changes made by Google and Facebook it’s getting harder to reach your current customers.Reaching new customers is becoming harder still. For example, the average email open rate is roughly 20%. That means 8 out of 10 people are flat out ignoring you, or are ‘busy’ to respond. Of those who do hear you, only 4% click on what you’re sending them. Feels bad man.

To break mould, we need to start looking to the future, and find ways to reach customers that won’t just be useful now, but will be effective for years to come.

How about using a channel that consistently delivers over 70% open rates and over 20% click through?

Introducing Facebook Messenger Marketing. Your new best marketing buddy.

We believe messaging chatbots are the future.

In 2018, chatbots will start living up to the hype surrounding them in recent months. They’ve already started delivering phenomenal results for us at Pillar.

By 2022, we believe most companies will not only have adopted chatbots, but that chatbots themselves will have become so capable, they’ll replace websites and apps as the first touch points for communication, even replacing email.

“But Chris, most people TODAY have no idea how chatbots work. How can you be so sure that this is the future?” I hear you cry.

Well, here’s three main reasons you should get on board:

People are using messaging apps to communicate more than email.

How many messaging apps can you think of? Snapchat, Slack, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, iMessage…

Instant messaging is becoming a favoured platform as it is more fluid, immediate, and flexible than email and other communication methods. Instant messaging hasn’t just surpassed email, it’s even overtaken social media.