New York, Shanghai, London: you could be forgiven for thinking that any of these large cities are the hub of the technological advances that create a smart city. But you’d be wrong.
According to industry experts and technology insiders, it is our home city of Bristol that is the most innovative in advancing smart city technologies, and the South West creative and tech hub scooped the Mobile World Congress GLOMO ‘Smart City Award’ this week, thanks to the incredible work by the Bristol Smart City Operations Centre.
The judges said: “An ambitious programme that has resulted so far in a strong IoT network test bed and a city operations centre that is beginning to make a real impact on broader city policy.”
Whether it is the impressive platform NetOS® that has been created by Zeetta Networks – for which they were nominated for their own GLOMO award – orSETsquared, an enterprise collaboration supporting high tech start-up companies and enabling academics to maximise the impact of their research, our clients are directly contributing to the smart landscape here in Bristol.
A smart city fits beautifully with the values that we hold to here at OggaDoon. It enables completely flexible working – something that each and every one of us enjoys as part of the team. It empowers artists and creatives to collaborate across huge distances, as the Layered Realities Weekend in Bristol will demonstrate. It enlightens new best practices, and push the boundaries of the expected, and connects industry with research, thanks to the partnership with Bristol is Open and the University of Bristol, and even those slightly further afield such as Professor Mischa Dohler of Kings College, London.
Being in Bristol is a conscious choice, and it is one many startups, scaleups, and SMEs are choosing, whether through Engine Shed, SETsquared, or Entrepreneurial Spark,to name just a few. As highly complex technology companies such asFathom – who accurately model natural disaster to save lives and property– to YellowDog, who unleash Limitless Compute,mingle with companies such as OmniDynamics who solve challenges using robotics, Bristol continues to push forward towards a truly smart city.
Winning the ‘Smart City Award’ at Mobile World Congress against such impressive cities as Barcelona, Dubai, New York, Singapore, and Yinchuan demonstrates just how pioneering Bristol really is. Why not be a part of that success story? Click here for a chat with our team, when we can treat you to coffee, and you can treat us to an insight into your company.