This year we had a blast at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. With over 2,200 businesses gathered in the enormous GSMA stadium, everyone was vying for the attention of the media. Getting he maximum possible exposure for our clients was fun, but definitely hard work. Here are our top tips for SMEs who want to make a splash at big events:
1. Have a range of messages at your disposal
It’s all about pre-event promotion. For our clients, Telesoftas, we organised a selection of pre-event press releases and distributed them to a wide range of tech contacts. Having a cutting-edge piece of software to launch isn’t always enough, in fact the story that captured the imagination of the worldwide media was more about social enterprise than the story we expected. Having a range of stories to tell that showed the diversity of our clients offering was a key part in getting heard in Barcelona.
2. Social, social, and more social
Social media is the absolute first port of call in tech business networking. Whether it’s high-level stalking via LinkedIn Premium, or likes and shares on Facebook or Twitter, your social media needs to be singing and dancing weeks before the event. We started telling our client’s story early on, and kept repeating our main messaging, event location and key calls-to-action for weeks prior to our arrival in Barcelona. This meant when the key time came, we were already making a lot of noise online.
3. Be inventive
If you’re a small business at a big event, it can feel quite daunting. You may have gone out with press releases, newsletters and tweets, and still feel as if you haven’t quite been heard. What’s the Guerrilla approach? Think laterally. Find out where your contacts and customers are having conversations, whether it’s an event hosted app, or a specific online forum. This means you might need to change tack and start engaging somewhere new. We made the most of alternative platforms for our client at Mobile World Congress, and found that this paid real dividends as part of our marketing mix.
4. Network
Once you’re at a big event, it’s not time to sit on your laurels. As purveyors of Guerrilla marketing, we know that being responsive and getting ourselves at the right gatherings is a vital part of creating a buzz. So in Barcelona we got ourselves out and about, at keynote speeches, meetups and industry events to have the right conversations. Some of those were in English, some in French and some in Spanglish, but we did whatever it took to get the right attention for our clients.
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