Running PR – or public relations – for an event is completely different than anything else. The live atmosphere, the ‘something can go wrong at any moment’ feeling that seeps into every team member, and that desperate hope that no speaker drops out, all adds to the medley of chaos and creativity that is PR for events – which is why people love our free ebook.
But the real work starts weeks, if not months before you open the door to your first delegate. You need to ensure that the five essentials for event PR are completely covered so that on the day, all you have to worry about is not enough coffee to go around.
Nick Randall from Zeetta Networks was impressed with our hard work. “Creating a new event in a highly technical industry that coincidentally clashed with an established event in our market? It was a hard ask, and yet the OggaDoon team rose to the challenge and delivered beyond our expectations.”
We utilised these five key components for Zeetta Networks’ inaugural Smart Infrastructure 2017: an event never hosted before, by an SME only a few years old, with just two months to do it in. Our challenge from Zeetta Networks?To get the best, brightest, and most influential in stadia and networking management all into one room.
And we did. Here’s how.
1. Get your tone of voice right
Getting your message across to your target audiencemeans choosing a vocabulary, writing style, colour choice, wording register, and more absolutely perfect. You need to seamlessly merge into their environment so that they automatically trust you as a respected authority, demonstrating that your event has value.
We did this at Smart Infrastructure 2017 by: using technical language correctly, gaining interviews with other industry leaders, and emphasising past and current projects that Zeetta Networks are working on within the space.
2. Get the big names through the door
Never underestimate the power of positive professional peer pressure. It may be a mouthful, but as soon as you get one big figure signing up to an event, you can be sure that others will follow. All it takes is getting that one domino to fall, so pick some key targets carefully and apply your strongest PR pressure here.
We did this at Smart Infrastructure 2017 by: leveraging contacts already made in the industry, name dropping (when relevant) to reveal industry acceptance, and publishing high profile organisations attending in later press releases.
3. Offer valuable live tweeting
We’ve all seen those boring live tweeting fields that simply do not offer anything interesting – just a reel of spam down your newsfeed. When done properly, there are few things as powerful in event PR than live tweeting, so establish a baseline of quality with every tweet and give those who couldn’t attend a sneak peek into what they’re missing.
We did this at Smart Infrastructure 2017 by: always adding a high quality photo or video with every tweet, including speaker quotes, offering industry analysis, and even sending out mini video interviews of attendees.
4. Deliver to journalists what they want
Being a journalist isn’t easy, so make their job easy for them and they’ll (often) happily oblige. Journalists want to be invited to the event and made special; they want greater access to speakers, introductions to big names, and a good lunch. Delivering this to your press attendees means you probably won’t get slammed in their write up.
We did this at Smart Infrastructure 2017 by: all of the above, and more. Send them videos, quotes, images, analysis. Value your press pals and guard them like your life, as the reward is high for a little extra time put in.
5. Always be prepared to adapt
Perhaps your phone runs out of battery. Perhaps it’s too noisy to video interview delegates. Perhaps the event looks like it is going to overrun. Perhaps all three. Perhaps something else. It’s the ‘perhaps’ that matters, so being able to adapt ensures that the event continues smoothly and no one leaves with any horror stories.
We did this at Smart Infrastructure 2017 by: taking a powerbank, bringing a microphone, and accepting that good events keep people for longer. Seriously though, preparation can only take you so far, and adapting just means being creative with your solutions.
Does the thought of running PR for your event make you shiver? Desperate for someone to bring their expertise in event PR to the table? Let us be your guide: our free ebook 7 Easy PR Wins For Your Event gives you all you need to know to make your event a PR success.