I can certainly say that this week has been an experience unlike anything I have ever done before! I came into OggaDoon expecting a week of making tea and watching big businesses talk about topics far out of my reach. At the end of the week, I can safely say that I have been offered so much more than this!

Monday morning was probably one of the most stressful things I have ever done; however, this was quickly put to rest by a firm handshake and a relaxed tour of the office building by Ella. Upon reaching the office I was introduced to the rest of the amazing team with a very friendly introduction, and Emily took me through all of the different tasks I would be doing that week. This included a range of jobs such as writing a blog for a 3D printing company’s website; updating and planning the social media entries for OggaDoon and other companies; completing daily management tasks, and shadowing pitches, creative sessions, and client meetings.

I would be far pushed to choose the best part of my work experience week, but it would probably be getting to write blogs for the OggaDoon website and a 3D printing company. Never before have I had the chance to use my literacy and writing skills in such a practical and real-life sense. I enjoyed writing in a formal style with a purpose, rather than for school work or homework.

As a year 10 student in my first year of GCSE’s, I imagined the work environment as being very overwhelming. After believing in the classic office block stereotype, the OggaDoon space was an incredible juxtaposition. The atmosphere was bright, friendly, and homely – all of which made me feel so comfortable in the office. Despite my fears, everyone made me feel extremely welcome and I was able to ask questions whenever I needed assistance or wanted to understand more about the business. This week was an incredible experience that I can put onto my CV. It has helped me understand an aspect of media that I never even thought of doing. The skills you hone in the workplace are completely different from those you can perfect in the classroom. After explaining my love for writing and poetry, Emily inspired me with her own love for writing and explained how skills in literature help you within marketing.

All week I was praised for my hard work and was always given new tasks so I was never left with nothing to do. One thing that became apparent to me whilst working at OggaDoon is that everyone in the team is extremely hard working and always striving to do the absolute best for their clients.

Now, at the end of my work experience week, I could not be more grateful to everyone. Whether it was Kelly with her very vibrant personality and colourful hair; Ella with her beautifully organised desk and a huge jar of granola; Caroline and her amazing advice or team management skills; Nola and the light, funny conversations to brighten the office; or Emily with her incredible kindness and for helping me realise that my love for English, will all serve me well… Oh, and her insistent wish to go to long meetings!  I hope, in the future, to work with people as friendly and as supportive as those at OggaDoon. Thank you for all of your help and guidance; this week will be something I shall take with me into whichever career I find myself doing!

Are you looking to gain some experience in the world of PR, marketing, and communications? Let us know. We could always use a helping hand, and as Poppy has shown, it’s not just odd jobs and tea-making!