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Kate Wells: My work experience at OggaDoon

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work experience
Kate Wells attending SPARKies awards and playing ‘who wore it better’ with YellowDog!

My work experience at OggaDoon came about following a Glug event I attended having just moved to Bristol. Emily, who is Associate Director here at OggaDoon, did a talk about the term ‘fresh’ and I was really impressed at how she was just buzzing to the brim with insight and passion for the industry.

I knew that she was someone I could learn a lot from, and so I got in touch with her following the talk and now I’m here, on my final day of working with her and the rest of the OggaDoon team, feeling incredibly grateful for the opportunity and appreciating that I was right.

Initially, we sat down and set some clear objectives for the week ahead. What do I want to achieve/gain from this week? What can I do that will make sure I achieve these goals? In my case it was something along the lines of: give me loads of stuff I’ve never done before so that I can decide if I like it or not. I come from a graphic design background and whilst I love being creative, I don’t want to get pigeon holed into sitting on InDesign alllll day (as much as I do love design).

I started the week by researching and writing some blog/social media posts for clients. I then got some training into how to do social scheduling. On Tuesday we had a creative session where we outlined every single aspect that an efficient and successful digital campaign should have. I was genuinely excited by how much I learnt from that half an hour (I have no shame in my nerdyness) #Keen #CalmDown

Half way through the work experience, I had a meeting that was an opportunity to reflect on how it was going. Is there anything that I would like to do differently? Are we on track to meet the objectives we set at the beginning of the week? Am I happy? Yes. Honestly, I’ve really enjoyed it. And no, I’m not just saying that.

I’ve really valued this work experience, more than many of my other placements, for a few reasons.

I’ve been made to feel genuinely valued. Often when you’re an intern you can almost feel more like a burden than an asset but since I got here my work has been genuine client work, I’ve been treated as an equal member of the team in every sense. I’ve left the office every day feeling satisfied that my work actually made a difference to their workload in a positive way which is incredibly refreshing.

I’ve had the perfect balance of being really busy and having enough to do without being completely overwhelmed (or underwhelmed). They were very trusting of me and what I’m capable of since I got here, they’re flexible and genuine and have very realistic, human, expectations of you, unlike a lot of employers.

Despite this being my shortest placement, it has been the one that has felt most in-line with where I’d like to work in the future and has given me a real confidence boost. It’s left me feeling inspired, pointed me in the right direction and given me hope that there are jobs out there that I could really love and excel in.  After months of interning in roles that aren’t quite right for me, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.  Thank you OggaDoon!

I also had the absolute pleasure of meeting the office doggo, Bonnie. And I can’t not mention the thrill of watching their very own office version of Springwatch as two baby seagulls, with incredibly protective parent seagulls, grew up on the roof terrace just the other side of the window. (See OggaDoon’s Instagram stories for live updates – it’s all very cute!)

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