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Build a more sustainable wardrobe at CLOTHINGXCHANGE

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If you’ve wandered through Broadmead lately, you might have noticed something new. And no, we’re not talking about the questionable toilet-based billboards on every corner… We’re talking about an exciting new spot to load up your wardrobe with more sustainable options.

CLOTHINGXCHANGE has taken over the old Ann Summers storefront, right in the centre of Broadmead shopping district. It doesn’t open until November 5th, but things are starting to take shape already. If the name didn’t give it away, CLOTHINGXCHANGE takes preloved high-end and designer clothing, and sells it on to treasure-seekers looking for second-hand gems.

Shoppers can expect to find their favourite brands for a fraction of the original retail price – always in perfect condition. CLOTHINGXCHANGE’s experts evaluate each piece with a keen eye for detail, making sure it’s good as new, so nobody would ever know your favourite new styles are second-hand (although if you’re anything like us, you’ll wear your wardrobe’s preloved status with pride). They’ll even have an in-store stylist on hand to help ensure your new, more sustainable wardrobe is perfect for you.

And it’s not all about the buyers. Anyone with a wardrobe overflowing with high-end pieces they don’t wear anymore can bring them into CLOTHINGXCHANGE for cash or trade credit. Once the resale price is set, sellers can make 25% back in cash, or 50% back in trade credit to be spent on new treasures they find in store. Now that’s what we call a circular economy.

Anyone who knows OggaDoon knows we love Bristol style, and what’s anything Bristolian without a sustainable edge? That’s why we’re thrilled to be working with CLOTHINGXCHANGE ahead of their opening, helping them gain a loyal following that will be flooding in to rifle through the rails as soon as the doors open.

Author: Ella WhiteContent and Communications Freelancer writes about social media trends, environment & sustainability, and more.

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