Digital marketing success for Engine Shed

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We have been working with Engine Shed since 2017 to increase awareness of its offering to the Bristol and Bath city region.

Engine Shed is an exciting hub of activity where entrepreneurs, academics, students, and corporates can work and collaborate. It works to stimulate sustainable inclusive economic growth by running innovative projects and facilitates relationships between people and organisations.

We have worked with Engine Shed to develop a top-notch digital marketing strategy that spans social media, content creation, and traditional PR tactics. We report monthly on the website analytics which help inform the way we engage with Engine Shed’s audience, whether that be through news and blog posts, live social media posting from events, or newsletters.

In January 2018, we were thrilled to report that Engine Shed received its highest website traffic to date, with most metrics up by over 75%.

If you want to know how we could increase your website traffic and keep your audience engaged and expanding through targeted digital marketing, read our case study on Engine Shed’s digital marketing success, and get in touch with us today.

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