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Our ongoing work with Engine Shed aims to increase awareness of its brand, coworking and event spaces, and other opportunities on offer. With regular, targeted content that appeals to Engine Shed’s audience, two monthly newsletters, social media updates, and engagement with press, we have developed a marketing strategy that’s seen Engine Shed’s website achieve it’s highest website traffic to date.


All of Engine Shed’s website metrics were up in January 2018, with page views up 90%, new users and sessions up 80%, session duration up 15%, and bounce rate down 4%. Using our marketing strategy, Engine Shed has developed an audience that is growing and fully engaged with its content and updates. This has been demonstrated in the metrics and shows that visitors to the website are interacting more on the website.
““We have worked with Caroline and the Oggadoon team for 2 years now and have benefitted hugely from the flexibility of support and guidance. Flexibility not just in terms of adapting to our needs and flexing the availability of resource but also in being able to provide strategic advice and co-creation of ideas one minute and then high quality content creation and social media support the next.””

Nick Sturge

Engine Shed


Engine Shed’s website has a lot of active monthly users, but our challenge was to prevent it from stagnating. The website needed regular content updates, SEO reviews, and Google Analytics reports to understand the ways people entered and exited the site, which pages were most visited, and which key referral paths could be improved.


Having worked with Engine Shed since 2017, we have learned the trends in how people use the website, including which months tend to be slower and which are organically busy. Therefore, we were able to pre-plan content, social media posts, and campaigns to line up with quieter periods and encourage more people to visit the website. This helped us to achieve unprecedented results in January 2018.
Engine Shed

Guerilla Tactics Used:

Content creation

Analytics and reporting

Social media

Digital marketing


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