Digital Trends Report July 2020

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OggaDoon’s Digital Trends Report explores the most impactful digital trends from the past month and what this means for your business. We unpack what’s been going on across social media, search engines, and more.


TikTok banned in the US

Donald Trump has announced that he is banning TikTok, after expressing concerns that the video-sharing platform is controlled by and shares data with the Chinese government. TikTok has responded that they would never share data with China. More recently, Trump has ordered ByteDance, TikTok’s partner company, to sell the TikTok app to a US business by November 12. 

What this means for your business:

Originating in China, TikTok has expanded into the western world, with offices in London and Los Angeles. Trump’s banning of the platform could see TikTok’s growth impacted. His announcement has seen repercussions around the world, particularly for the Chinese market with Tencent, Asia’s second-biggest company according to market value, falling 9% in Hong Kong. It also means a risk of losing the entire US audience. Consider the resilience of this platform next time you launch an influencer campaign.


New Google feature helps Black-owned businesses

Google is launching a new tool to make it easier to find black-owned businesses by allowing relevant companies to update their maps and Google My Business listings. This follows Google’s pledge in June to help the black community with “initiatives and product ideas that support long-term solutions.” There has been a surge in searches for black-owned businesses in recent months as consumers are looking to support the black community in the light of the Black Lives Matter movement.

What this means for your business:

With 2.5M searches between May 25 and July 10, consumers are more conscious about supporting the communities that need it most and businesses will need to react to this. If you’re a black-owned business, now’s the time to go for it. Additionally, for National Black Business Month, Facebook will be hosting free virtual training sessions and panel discussions to empower black business owners. If you like to find out more, we implore you to check them out. 


YouTube trends and Covid-19 

YouTube has released a report on Culture & Trends during the Covid-19 pandemic. Findings have found there have been higher search queries for self help videos to increase physical, mental and emotional wellbeing during Covid-19. Social connection was another main theme showing how technology has connected people at a time of social distancing. Examples include yoga, meditation, cutting hair, baking, how to make a face covering and more. 

What this means for your business:

These findings are incredibly useful as it suggests people searched for videos to help improve themselves during lockdown. While the pandemic continues, businesses should be reacting with new inspiring and informative content designed to help improve customer’s daily lives.


New Instagram Reels feature to rival TikTok 

On August 5, Instagram launched their new Reels feature in 50 different countries including the US, UK and Japan. This feature allows users to create short videos accompanied by music that is shareable among friends and followers. Reels allows the user to play with the speed, apply special effects and add their own sounds. 

What this means for your business:

In 2019, it was found that 33% of the most viewed Instagram stories were business owned, which suggests Reels could be a huge opportunity to aid e-commerce. We’re expecting to see dynamic videos showcasing company culture, portfolios and product reviews, but the list could be endless. Watch this space… 


Facebook offers free training

During July, Facebook continued their ‘Summer of Support’ offering free training sessions for businesses. The month’s focus was “Growth in your Community”. Topics ranged from ‘Using Facebook Groups to Build a Customer Community’ to ‘Connecting With Customers Through Messenger’.

What this means for your business:

Regardless of your level of understanding, this series of sessions is extremely useful for your next Facebook marketing strategy. They’re still available to watch and we’d highly recommend you catch them while you can. 

If you would like assistance with your Facebook strategy, get in touch


Trump vs Twitter rages on 

Donald Trump Jnr was temporarily suspended from Twitter for tweeting “misleading and potentially harmful information” about coronavirus. The video has been removed to stop the spread of misinformation. A spokesperson from Twitter responded by saying “The tweet is in violation of our Covid-19 misinformation policy,” adding that, “The account will be locked until the account owner removes the Tweet.”

What this means for your business:

This is the latest in the battle between Twitter and Donald Trump. Though Twitter has clarified that Trump Jnr’s account hadn’t been permanently suspended, his access to the account had been limited. This suggests that Twitter is getting stricter with its guidelines and regulation of tweets, while Trump is gunning for the platform to loosen community protections. We recommend avoiding discussion around any controversial topics during this ongoing feud.

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