Bath Digital Festival

Emily Perkins Speaks at Bath Digital Festival

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Time and time again we explain to prospective clients that the tech is not enough: that a successful launch doesn’t just need technology that works. This was the topic that our Creative Content Manager, Emily Perkins, shared with an audience at Bath Digital Festival last week.

Investigating why engineers or developers can sometimes miss good opportunities to successfully launch, Emily dived into audience, messaging, and content in a quickfire hour-long session that several people described as ‘useful’, ‘impressive’, and ‘almost like a comedy act’ at the end!

Emily Perkins shares: “It puts a big smile on my face to hear that some of my audience enjoyed my talk as much as a comedy show – I don’t think that learning new information should be boring! I’m passionate about telling stories, whether for big brands or small, and I had a fantastic time sharing some of our OggaDoon knowledge at Bath Digital Festival.”

Bath Digital Festival is a week long celebration of digital technology for all! Taking place every year in the autumn in the historic city of Bath, Bath Digital Festival aims to make digital living accessible to all. Emily has been speaking at various events this autumn, including Bristol’s chapter of Girl Geek Dinners.

Interested in learning from Emily Perkins, or another of the OggaDoon team? Learn about our Workshops here.

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