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Finding your crowdfunding story

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For your crowdfund campaign to be successful, there are some essentials that you simply cannot ignore. A solid business plan, a definite benefit for your investors or supporters, and a catchy title never hurt, but if you ask us, it’s finding your crowdfunding story that can make or break your campaign.
Your story is vital. Who you are, why you’re doing what you’re doing, and why you simply can’t walk away from your idea will draw people in, make them care about you, and hopefully get them reaching into their pockets to give you that financial boost you need.
But it’s not all about you (sorry). While it can be easy to wax lyrical about your achievements, academic background, or business experience, that shouldn’t be the total sum of your story.
Here’s how you should be breaking it down:
What is your passion: what drives you to keep going, against the odds? What gets you up each morning right now, without the money to carry on? How do you describe what you do to a mate at the pub? Being able to write about your passion in thirty words or less is the first part of your story.
We did warn you: it’s not all about you. Your crowdfunding campaign should be as de-risked as possible, and the more outstanding and expert people around you, the more likely it is that people will feel confident in handing over their hard earned cash.
What’s the end goal? Why do what you do, why invest? The crowdfunding campaign is just the journey, but where is the destination? Clarifying this in your own mind will help you end your story with an optimistic direction, but also give you a clear focus as you launch your campaign.
It’s your story, and you are the best person to tell it. By ensuring that you reveal and share your passion, team, and purpose, you can craft a story that’s worth hearing.
Finding that your story could do with a little creative spark? Worried that your crowdfunding campaign needs a little oomph? Let’s chat.
Author: Bobby Marsh

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