OggaDoon Quick Digest: Google’s Search Engine Updates

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With all the changes having been rolled out as part of Google’s Search Algorithms update and Search Quality Rating guidelines, it’s easy to be concerned about how these might affect your content’s web page ranking. But you needn’t be concerned, we’ll break it down for you:
1) Google’s Search Algorithms
You may have observed your page’s ranking had dropped or risen as part of the new algorithm update rolled out annually by Google. You don’t need to be too concerned though, as these rankings will not fluctuate which means that from now on you’ll be able to analyse your content and make any changes without the risk of these rankings changing. The changes were aimed at promoting sites and content that were previously undervalued; with that in mind if you’ve observed a sharp drop it’s time to consider the quality of your content and your use of keywords.
2) Search Quality Rating Guidelines
Google has updated its Search Quality Rating Guidelines to ensure that its raters not only look at the search results and the content of those links, but also at the reputation of those content creators. From now on, content creator bios will play a big part in how you are ranked, which means that it’s essential that you have bios for any content they create for the website either at the bottom of the article or blog, or on a team page – otherwise you’ll risk having the quality score knocked down.
3) People Also Searched For
You need to make sure that your landing page and copy are cohesive and are displaying on appropriate key terms in Google Ads, or else risk losing out to more refined adverts, even your competitors. If a user clicks on an advert and then goes back to the search results they will find a ‘people also searched for’ box that links to other search terms, including your competitor names which link through to display new adverts and results.
We offer a range of SEO packages from one off audits and recommendations to more in-depth analysis and reporting. It’s our job to stay on top of all the technical stuff including any changes to algorithms and best-practises. So whether you just want a website health check or high quality content get in touch with us today and find out what we can do for you.

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