In this guest post, we chat with Sofia Deambrosi, who spent just 9 months of her over 4 years at PwC working on the Scale Programme, identifying and mentoring high growth acceleration companies in the South West. We chatted about growth, success, failure, and everything in between…

If there was one recipe for success, we’d all use it

Timing is everything, and a company’s founders’ and leaders’ ability to understand how quickly the market is moving is key. You see some fantastic ideas from extremely smart founders, but by the time they come alive, technology has once again advanced and that product or service is superseded by something else.

Collaboration is key

In order to succeed, you may have incredibly driven and smart people coming up with excellent ideas, but you still need a support network and the resources to make it happen. In London and the bigger cities, this is more readily available. The push to move the focus away from London has encouraged, and in some way, forced those in the space in the South West, to collaborate more. Those individuals and organisations who pioneered this movement in the region have been great pillars to build the community in the South West, and it is great to see how start-ups and supporters are coming together to continue to make this progress.

Everyone is looking for investment

One of the many challenges with investment is that there are a lot of companies looking for it, and therefore investors will be extremely careful to ensure that they are finding the absolute best opportunities. The risk is clearly higher with earlier stage companies, so they need to demonstrate how they will achieve the promised returns or at least, how they will succeed and grow, how they are understanding the changes in the market and adapting, all culminating in an offering that is relevant.

Challenge every thought

If you are a founder, building your team, it is absolutely key to go out and find brilliant people who are smarter than you, and who are able to challenge your every thought. Great ideas are built and problems are solved by assessing them and constructing a solution. One great individual is nothing without a great support team. You have to be willing to take big steps and risks: it’s no secret that the greater risks usually lead to greater returns. Failing is by no means a bad thing, as long as you are able to learn from it, and try again, until you do nail it.

I’m passionate about seeing good businesses thrive

Good businesses are only so because of the good people and the good offering backing it. When things go well and word is out, most people will not understand the amount of sweat and tears behind that small or large achievement. I am a strong believer in working hard and playing hard, and for me it’s simply very inspiring, and I just feel extremely happy for their hard work paying off.

You can connect with Sofia here, and learn more about the Scale Programmes here.