Every journalist is hunting for that next story, and every PR agency is looking to give it to them. Here at OggaDoon, we’re proud to work with businesses and individuals with passion and purpose, and that gives us a wealth of angles to pitch to to secure global press.

But it’s not just about the story. Sometimes it’s timing, a relationship with the journalist, a friendly editor, or knowing just what a title is looking for because you’ve been tracking their editorial direction for a while now.

merle hall authority magazine Securing global press

Bringing all those factors together is what we do best. It’s why this year so far, we’ve secured two syndicated articles through Authority Magazine and Thrive Global, two titles with a truly international reach.

Dr Elizabeth Thompson of NCIM spoke about how she was inspired to dedicate her career to Integrative Medicine (Authority Magazine and Thrive Global).

Merle Hall of Kinneir Dufort spoke about the lessons she’s learned as a woman who has risen through the ranks to CEO (Authority Magazine and Thrive Global).

And we have two in the wings that are currently unpublished.

elizabeth thompson thrive global

Without the genuinely interesting stories that Elizabeth and Merle bring to the table, it’s a hard sell for us – but we believe that within any brand or person, there is a story to be found that can secure global press. That’s where we come in.

If you’re looking to raise your profile, why not learn more and get in touch here?