A greater understanding of the needs of wildlife critters here in the UK has started a campaign to make new build houses more hedgehog friendly, and one national homebuilder has signed up to the programme thanks to a viral petition.

Help save Britain’s hedgehogs with ‘hedgehog highways’! ” has gained (at the time of writing) over 626,000 signatures as Bovis Homes responded to the campaign and confirmed that they will install hedgehog highways not only to new sites, but to existing developments. This will make them
hedgehog friendly and restore balance to many eco-systems.

Our founder and CEO here at OggaDoon, Caroline Macdonald, has signed the petition saying, “We need to learn to live in harmony with the wildlife around us, and as more and more residential homes are built across the country, we must be mindful of the impact this has to the environment. I encourage everyone to sign the petition and hold more home builders to account.”

hedgehog friendly homes need to be built

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