Green behaviour

How green behaviour is changing, and why it matters

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How our green behaviour has impacted the environment

A lot changed in 2020. Don’t worry, we won’t rehash the endless ways in which a global pandemic has a negative impact. Instead, we thought we’d take some time to highlight a handful of positives. No: we don’t think the ‘be kind’ mantra will follow us out of lockdown or that sweatpants-to-the-supermarket is a look that’s here to stay. But the spotlight enforced global lockdowns put upon the environment is hard to ignore.

Perhaps it’s because weve all had a bit more time to reflect. Perhaps it’s because we got around to doing all those things we’d been meaning to do… like switching to eco products and kicking our fast fashion habits. Or, more likely, it’s because the evidence has been clear. Humans staying inside has had a profoundly positive impact on the planet, with global carbon emissions reduced by 50% and a reported 300% increase (compared to the usual 25%) in natural wildlife.

Of course, it’s not easy for individuals to think on a global level. But these statistics highlight how each individual’s impact as part of a group can harm or heal the environment. And, on an individual level, we’ve been making the switch. In the UK alone, second-hand clothing sales increased by 1,211% — with eBay and Depop reporting enough sales in 2020 to fill 9 double-decker buses with clothing. And it’s not just about material possessions.

Pandemic’s impact on shifting to green behaviour

The pandemic has increased our interest in green technology, with a spike in solar panel installations — probably as a result of high electricity bills. The pandemic has made the impact humans have on the planet impossible to ignore, and the result has been the emergence of green trends that we can all get on board with. From towns and cities making their roads more pedestrian- and cyclist-friendly to the patent link between the human consumption of meat and deadly viruses leading to a 40% increase in veganism, it’s safe to say that these lifestyle alterations are more than just a flash in the pan.

Policy-makers’ impact on encouraging environmental sustainability

And, as with everything, we are just at the start. The more that individuals take an interest in the environment beyond Green Peace and Extinction Rebellion protests, the more leaders and legislators will begin to pay attention. Politicians around the world have noticed this change in our attention and have started to turn their focus to promoting environmental industries post-pandemic, as a way to boost global economies that are struggling to make a comeback.

At OggaDoon we’ve always been committed to working with and supporting green and environmentally-focused businesses and we think it’s safe to say: this is more than just a phase, and you won’t want to get left behind.

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Author: Ella WhiteContent and Communications Freelancer writes about social media trends, environment & sustainability, and more.

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