Building a brand from scratch can be one of the most challenging things any new business faces. If you’re already an established company, that doesn’t always mean that your brand is as well established online as your reputation offline precludes. So we’ve come up with 3 simple ways of ensuring that your brand identity is growing consistently online, whether you’re a small start-up, or a medium sized enterprise that wants to branch out further.
Your online brand isn’t different to your offline brand, in that the most important factor is the people you employ, even if that’s just you. This video by LinkedIn’s coaching portal, Lynda, is really useful for starting your own brand identity:

3. Where are your audience hanging out ?
Now you have clarity of direction, and style, your next simple way of building your brand with the right people is to talk to your customers. You’d be surprised how many companies don’t bother with this step. Why waste your time posting to social media platforms your customers don’t need? Why bother approaching newspapers or blogs that your audience aren’t interested in? Find out where your customers go, and focus your publicity efforts on a few platforms only. A regular presence here will do you wonders, and support your growing reputation.
We’ve helped some fantastic brands make headway online over the years, so why not give us a call, we can support your business growth in whichever way fits, but first you need to pick up the phone.