Are you feeling anxious about rebooting your business post lockdown? Thinking the worst? Lost all optimism? Worry not, here at OggaDoon we’ve got three great tips to help you get your business back on track.

We can’t ignore the fact that COVID-19 has had a serious impact on the global economy. This has resulted in many business leaders having sleepless nights and scratching heads over the current and future impact of this global pandemic on their business. But it’s important to remember that the situation is entirely out of our control; everyone’s in the same boat. 

So keep calm, and carry on reading…

Attract New Customers 

Once Boris announces the end of lockdown, the entirety of the UK will be keen to hit the high streets, shopping malls, restaurants, and gyms, desperate to feel a sense of normality again. This is your chance! 

To be ready for this, you need a new marketing campaign. Whether it’s based around your product, brand, or event, it’s going to be a necessary step to catching new eyes. The first step would be to focus on attracting customers to your website through impactful social media ads or a killer PPC campaign. 

The second, a brand refresh, as this would help your business to bring a new energy and flourish. Think of it like a makeover for your company, but still maintaining a visual connection to how the brand was seen before. For example; keep the logo, but shift the look, or add messaging and update colours. How could the creation of messaging hierarchy and a new colour palette not draw new and intrigued customers in? It’s time to rehabilitate your image! 

Reward Loyal Customers 

A lot of customers come and go. Then there are those who are loyal to the end and deserve to be rewarded – these are the people who shouldn’t go unnoticed after lockdown. 

You need to show your gratitude for their loyalty, perhaps offer a unique discount code/offer through an email, emphasising how they can’t get the same discount anywhere else? This is likely to make the customers feel special, helping retain their loyalty, and drive an increase in sales. Remember it takes seven purchases to keep a customer for life.

Another way to show your customers some appreciation is through sending them a birthday message with an exclusive offer. This personal idea is also a good way to ensure those loyal customers stay loyal and lessens the risk of them suddenly deciding to look elsewhere. Plus, that special ‘Happy Birthday’ could be the push they needed to spend all their birthday money on your products! You never know.

Re-activate Lost Customers

Yes, it’s true that many sales have decreased and customers have shied away during the coronavirus lockdown, however it’s not the be all and end all. There are many sales techniques you should consider to try to win back your lost customers. For example, waiting for a customer to purchase online can be a dangerous game – they forget or get distracted. It’s down to you to incentivise and convert a lost customer into an active buyer by reaching out to them to tempt them back. 

This could be done through a simple email, which could even offer a discount to entice them to shop again. Alternatively, creating a retargeting campaign can reactivate interest. Don’t leave it too late! Focus on running the retargeting campaign alongside a new customer campaign as it’s likely lost customers will be interested in your new image and click through to take a look. This is when your retargeting needs to lock them down. Remember: the longer you leave a customer to lapse, the more unlikely they are to return. 

So embrace this time to get planning for post lockdown! You’ve got it in the bag – just like your customers will after your killer comeback campaigns. Good luck!

If you’d like to talk to us more about how to reactivate your business once we’re through the lockdown, get in touch.