In House vs Outsource Marketing: Choosing the Right Solution for You

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Your business is growing, and you’ve been self-sufficient in your digital media and engagement efforts. But now you need to scale up, and you’re even reading books to find out more. Business is booming, and you need help increasing your reach online, but you’re not sure where to start. You’re faced with a dilemma: do you include a marketing team member in your scale-up plans, or do you outsource?
You don’t have to be kept awake at night thinking it through, worrying, or being indecisive. Our guide to the pros and cons of in-house vs outsource marketing is here to help.
Your team has grown, now you just need to find yourself a whizz who can:
Fully understand your brand and objectivesBuild your in-house marketing strategyKeep your social presence busy with increasing followersCarry out market researchNurture customer relationshipsCreate brand attractionIssue press releases that the media can’t resistWrite witty blogsReview analytics and create great reportsBuild partner relationshipsDesign brochures and flyersWrite and maintain your website with great SEOSource new opportunities and marketsCapture and edit beautiful imagery
Seems like a lot of work and expertise for one person, right?
Your in-house marketeer will know your company like nobody else, and can always give a personal touch. They’ll always be on hand to deal with marketing queries, social media inboxes, sponsorship requests, and more… Plus, if the revenue isn’t coming in, you know who to blame. But can they juggle it all at once? And what will drop to the bottom of their list of priorities?
You hire a PR agency who, between them, cover all the skill sets and expertise you need to make your digital marketing fly. You’ve got a professional team by your side…or have you?
The risk with outsourcing your PR is that you may or may not be prioritised. If you feel your marketing is several full-time jobs, then this option might not be for you. You’ll need to fit in around your agency’s other clients, and will receive the same treatment as the others: traditional PR, social media, and digital marketing. The cost is high, but are you getting the results you need, when you need them?
Argh! We’ve painted a morose picture, but reality is different. There is a third way: collaboration. It doesn’t have to be a choice between one or the other. Combine your in-house marketer’s knowledge and loyalty with an agency’s expertise and varied skill set, and you could have yourself something of a dream team.
In-house, you have someone to handle the strategy, insight, direction, and alignment to your company’s goals. This will support your outsourced agency in delivering top-quality content on time and to budget, giving your in-house team the time to focus on growing your company from the inside, out.
Find triumph for your company’s marketing with a guerrilla approach that allows the content do the work. Watch your analytics, and in turn revenue increase, resulting in a growing confidence and trust in your brand. As you scale up your growth, marketing that is active and relevant will cut through the noise and ensure you are heard. What better way to combine forces and smash your revenue goals?
Want to know more about guerrilla marketing, and the ways it will help your brand stand out in the crowd? Download our free eBook.

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