It’s hard not to love a good pun, and when the BBC has a slow news day, their creative juices flow and they gift us with delightful news stories like this: a van man gone mad – with cheese.
Headlined “Too much cheese lands van man in pickle with police”, you can immediately tell which way the angle this journalist is going to take, with classic phrases such as ‘the driver was left in a pickle’ and ‘During a grilling’ opening the third paragraph.
Hidden in the depths of the article is the very troubling – and confusing – news that the driver was attempting to transport 1280kg of cheese beyond the legal limit in one small van. But the humour just keeps on giving as it is revealed that the police gave the driver the best ultimatum: remove it or eat it. That’s the equivalent of 10.8 Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnsons. Made of cheese.
At OggaDoon, we love language (and cheese) and the way that it can delight, subvert, confuse, and entertain. So we love seeing articles like this, where a writer seizes the opportunity to do something a little more fun than the traditional ‘Van man stopped by police’ angle. It’s a fabulous way to get a smile on your reader’s face, and turns an otherwise mundane story into an attention grabbing piece of content.
But why stop there? Classic puns such as ‘de brie on the road’, ‘no edam-age to the vehicle’, and ‘it was no gouda trying to reason with him’ were foolishly overlooked! A disappointing missed opportunity.
Hopefully no one was too cheesed off by the traffic queues caused by the grate chase.