It’s no secret that here at OggaDoon HQ, we absolutely love our food. It’s why we bring in and share lunch, as well as have meals out together as a team every month, sharing our personal favourite recipes and those restaurants that we adore.

We know the impact it can have on us when we have a delicious meal, but now that we’re working with Dr Rupy Aujla, NHS GP and founder of the Doctor’s Kitchen, we can see the impact it has on our physical and mental health too.

Rupy is a firm believer in the power of food and lifestyle change as medicine. He is passionate about the medicinal effects of eating well using delicious recipes, always with clinical insight behind the recommendations that he is making.

In his own words: No Myths. No Fads. Just delicious healthy food.

As well as speaking around the country on the topic, and creating Culinary Medicine, an interactive cooking and nutrition course for medical professionals, accredited by the Royal College of General Practice, Rupy also writes inspiring cookbooks designed to help everyone find a meal they love that cares for their body.

Whether you’re looking to manage a health condition or just find some recipes that aren’t pesto pasta, we recommend that you explore the Doctor’s Kitchen for yourself.