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How can our agency work with your marketing team?

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The uncertainty of bringing on a marketing agency to work alongside your own team can be intimidating – but it shouldn’t be. It’s perfectly possible to have a communications company like OggaDoon work alongside your CMO, Marketing Manager, Content Writers and/or Marketing Executives, acting as an extension of your in-house resource.

Whatever the level of your in-house team, whatever their responsibilities, whatever their skills. We’re both confident and capable of working in tandem with your current team.

Is it possible to work with an agency?

Yes. Our clients understand the importance of marketing and PR – it’s why they come to us! This means that they usually have someone who works as a marketing person or supports the marketing efforts as part of their role. Of course, this isn’t always the case – but for those clients where we join on a retainer or for a campaign, we are often supporting a person or team to help them build a strategy or action a plan.

Working together

It’s essential that we understand to what extent our support or leadership is needed. We work closely with the decision makers, but even more closely with the internal team to ensure that our support, strategic leadership, and processes work for the whole team. We don’t impose processes but will make suggestions based on an understanding of the way the internal team works and our own tried and tested ways.

We pride ourselves on the support and direction we can provide to a team. We don’t come on board to step on toes, so we prioritise working hard on the relationship we have with all internal team members to make sure that we’re all working towards a unified goal and vision.

Balancing tasks and time

Communication is key. It’s the reason we establish processes right from the beginning so that nothing slips through the net. Having a firm and thorough understanding of responsibilities, production, and collaboration needed keeps both teams on top of tasks.


We have a variety of different processes that we suggest to clients from the get go, but when we work with other teams we take into account the processes that are already in place. It’s all about flexing around you; it makes working together easier when we have an understanding of things like who signs off what and when and people’s working schedules – not everyone is full-time or always in the office!

Processes mean that we can review feedback and suggestions as well as comment ourselves, and contribute our expertise and insight. It’s an essential part of developing any content and necessary for us to evolve your communications using the guidance provided by your team.

Here are just some of our suggestions:

Shared Calendars

For a campaign or project, we develop strategic approaches that have defined actions – including justifications – and responsibilities. These tasks are added to a shared calendar or tool like Trello to keep everyone on track. As well as being able to see an overview of the work and steps needed to achieve goals and hit deadlines, calendars must be flexible, allowing for reactive tasks or changes to people’s working schedule or capacity.

Social Media

When it comes to social media curation and creation we usually send off the copy to our clients on a Friday before midday – giving them until Monday at midday to sign off on Monday’s content at the very least. Sometimes Friday isn’t ideal, so we adjust. Sometimes there just isn’t the time in the day, so we wait for full sign off. We’re used to being adaptable and flexible.


We use Google Docs and/ or Microsoft Office so that suggestions can be made and changes can be tracked. This gives us the opportunity to understand any feedback and review documents more efficiently than the more traditional way. We’re used to using this method, but sometimes we have to merge or review a side-by-side to make sure that we have the most up to date version, regardless of the number of reviews and contributors.

If you’re interested in learning more about the support we can provide you current team or how we can elevate your marketing with our strategic planning, creative content ideas and PR then get in touch with us.

Author: Bobby Marsh

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