What happens when your brand name is hijacked in a huge Hollywood Christmas movie? Zenotech, a leading tech company in Bristol, decided to embrace the coincidence, calling on us to maximise this unique communications opportunity with a guerrilla social media and PR campaign.
Zenotech delivers innovative, HPC cloud-based solutions helping its clients to be more agile, flexible and efficient. This Silicon Gorge company was surprised to see that the cloud computing firm in the Hollywood festive movie starring Jennifer Aniston, Office Christmas Party, was also Zenotek (just spelt slightly differently).
The real-life team joined in the spirit of the campaign, accepting an invitation to the UK launch of the movie last December. They even turned it into their office party (usually their celebrations comprise a pub lunch and then back to the office for more exciting tech!)


It was important to also communicate about the benefits of Zenotech enabling the brand to achieve more from the campaign. We decided to write a blog stressing the advantages of Zenotech’s EPIC product as the perfect Christmas gift for engineers and an interview with the real CEOs of the company because “Cloud Computing is not just for Christmas.”
We had to move very quickly on this campaign to create a plan, liaise with the film’s comms team, create and curate visual assets as well as implementing the activities. The press coverage was positive for the brand, and picked up locally, including the Bristol Post and partner organisations such as SetSquared.
The campaign via Twitter worked effectively in terms of brand awareness with a significant 6000% increase in reach during the campaign compared to the previous period.
After the success of the campaign, we’re continuing to work with Zenotech sharing their successful stories via their blog, press and social media.
If you’re looking some guerrilla PR for your business, do get in touch.