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Forget toys, or even game console: the future of robot wars is already here. Meet intelligent gaming robot Mekamon created by Bristol-based Reach Robotics! We love the name and we love the four-legged battlebot, which is about to bring mixed reality robotic gaming into your sitting room.
Since securing £5.8 million in investment to bring MekaMon to market, Reach Robotics will be launching their first global community of robotic gamers – the clever clogs! Endorsed by TechCrunch as the ‘most fun and accessible robot on the market’, this is unlikely to be the last you hear about it.
How does it work? In layman terms, you steer the robot through your MekaMon app on your smartphone which is tracked through your phone camera. In single player mode, you are met with a series of challenges to overcome, and doing so successfully earns you upgrades. In multi-player mode, you enter robotic combat featuring old skl games like Tug of War and Last Man Standing.

MekaMon’s key appeal is that it is an ever-evolving robotic platform, with physical upgrade accessories available such as weapons and shields, as well as available software updates to offer new game modes. We love the educational piece that runs through this robot, and the way that it uses game theory to continually challenge the users.
For now, the price tag ain’t cheap – but with this latest round of investment I think we will be seeing much more of MekaMon in the years to come, and hopefully not at the price of a short holiday. We can’t wait to enjoy these spider-like robotic creatures outmanoeuvring each other and making barricades out of the furniture! This augmented reality gaming offers a refreshing breather from the total immersive #VR space on the other fork prong spearheading the future of gaming. This is not to diminish our love for VR as well and we can’t wait until the next VR World Congress in Bristol.

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