Do you need help with your property PR or healthtech marketing? Do you work in a green industry and need a digital reboot? It can certainly be tricky hitting the right marketing channels for your specific audience; luckily, we’re here to help.

Property PR

The property sector is all about aspiration. It’s marketing a life to prospective customers and getting property PR coverage that makes people notice your development and imagine themselves and their families under your roof. 

To achieve this, any channels that prefer visual content are going to be your winners: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and double page features in relevant magazines. So, next time a photographer is coming to your development to build up an imagery backlog, keep in mind those property PR double page spreads and an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed.

Healthtech marketing

Unlike when you land property PR coverage, the healthtech industry is much more about words. Healthtech marketing relies on trust and truth; two pillars of healthcare. This means that your business is going to need to focus on statements from experts, and unveiling the science behind your product or service through long form articles and white papers. 

Your healthcare marketing needs to also be sharp and look new, yet professional. It’s certainly a difficult balance to find. Some of the best channels we’ve found for healthtech marketing are LinkedIn articles, blog posts and guest blogs, and thought leadership PR pieces. 

Tip: you need an expert to be the face of your business. 

Green revolution

So, you work in a green industry? For one, well done. For two, you’re in luck – the green and sustainability industries tend to be extremely wide reaching and can be well executed across most marketing channels. Similar to gaining property PR coverage, the green industry is all about selling an idea. In addition, you’re selling hope. It’s no surprise that it doesn’t matter which platform you’re on, green industry content works on all. 

Of course, this doesn’t give you free reign to post rubbish and think that it will do well, the posts need to provide the audience with hope of a better future and steer away from the doom and gloom of the climate emergency. We suggest creating content that will be optimistic and feel achievable to the layman. Show how your product or service will improve life and pose the question – why wouldn’t you? 

Cybertech digital marketing

For those working in cybertech, things will need to be a bit more digital than property PR double page spreads or a scientific blog for healthtech marketing. Cybertech businesses need to be hot on digital marketing and the channels that best help their digital footprint. 

We’ve said before that social media doesn’t directly help SEO ranking, but it does funnel users to your website, so use social media to promote your brand and your values, always using a CTA that directs to your website. You then should push out content on digital networks to be getting your name out there. Also, drill down on your industry and start getting in niche press and online forums. 

If your business is B2B, the obvious place is LinkedIn. You can’t go wrong with developing your founder into an active thought leader with a large following. Just an idea…

Ready to start fresh on the right marketing channels? It’s time for a Digital Reboot.