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PR & Digital Marketing Executive

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We’re Hiring!

Here at OggaDoon, we’re looking to expand. We want someone quick, sharp, and hot on all thing social. You’ll know how to write killer social media posts and how to use the platforms to get the most of out them, how to connect with customers and how to put yourself in their shoes, have fantastic people skills and know what to say to get talking.

You need to be fun, dynamic, and clued up.

What the job role will deliver:

  • Contributing ideas, hooks, and experiences for creative campaigns 
  • Contribute to creation and executive of PR and/or digital marketing campaigns
  • Supporting the project leader in delivery of campaigns and ongoing projects
  • Creating, producing, and delivering a raft of written content with the target audience and SEO in mind. This includes:
    • Press releases (within that style and hook to make journalists and reporters run the story)
    • Web releases (to engage online readers/visitors)
    • Blogs
    • Comment pieces
    • Thought leadership articles
  • Compiling media and PR lists for each project with accuracy and keeping these up-to-date
  • Researching and creating feature lists for target publications and keeping them up-to-date
  • Being able to pitch in stories, figure heads, and campaigns, understanding what the editor or producer needs
  • Taking initiative and seeking out PR opportunities to gain reach for our clients – and ourselves – that are not part of your ‘task list’
  • Understanding SEO and keywords – how they can increase reach
  • Producing monthly PR, web, and digital analytics with interpretation and recommendation
  • Understanding and use of visual content (images, graphics, infographics, video, animation) with creative input and direction with target audience in mind, contributing these to your projects
  • Producing of social content that works to the nuances of each channel, the project and intended target audience that increases reach and engagement, and running social media accounts
  • Creating email and direct digital marketing campaigns that deliver reach and engagement
  • Development of marketing/web automation for clients
  • Understanding how social channels and digital platforms work and are changing
  • Conducting interviews for testimonials, interesting articles and case studies
  • Developing brand stories and identities
  • At times, selling in to press and developing those key relationships 
  • Attending networking events (but getting other time off if it is an early or late one!)
  • Contribution to our own PR, website, and social stuff, and contributing your say in what we should do next
  • Regular attendance of PR and digital marketing sessions run by third parties to improve your expertise
  • Creating weekly OggaDoon content piece 
  • Creating monthly OggaDoon client newsletter
  • Creating news alerts for each project you are delivering
  • Get immersed in clients’ sector, reading round, following trends etc.

You will:

  • Have a keen understanding of digital skills and requirements
  • Have a keen understanding of PR and content marketing skills
  • Be comfortable with technical language and phrasing
  • Be adaptable according to the project and client
  • Have an eye for detail – and your grammar, punctuation, and sentence construction is exemplary
  • Understand what ‘client ready’ means
  • Deliver to time and budget
  • Manage your time to fit with the requirements of projects
  • Be creative and understand what reach can deliver
  • Be a proficient and prolific writer in a range of styles and tones
  • Understanding the differing audiences that technical writing is created for
  • Not be afraid to use creative thinking
  • Have a thorough understanding of social media platforms and how to use them
  • Be organised and a self-starter
  • Have a passion for promoting brands that do good
  • Employ initiative – and common sense of when to stop and collaborate with the team
  • Be suited to flexible working
  • Be great at interpreting analytics
  • Be on top of your game and wanting more

To apply, email your CV and a covering letter to caroline@oggadoon.co.uk

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Author: Bobby Marsh

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