The National Centre for Integrative Medicine (NCIM) is an organisation that champions an integrative medicine model combining the best conventional, lifestyle and holistic approaches to improve health and wellbeing. 

NCIM provides a series of webinars and courses held by leading industry experts such as clinical lead Dr Elizabeth Thompson, Dr Duncan Still, Dr Helen Thomas and plenty more. The organisation helps to build a community through Friends of NCIM, allowing members to meet like-minded individuals while taking advantage of free or discounted entry for public engagement events and access to free videos, webinars, articles and more.

Join NCIM’s Dr Elizabeth Thompson for two sessions on 10th October at the Your Life and Cancer 2020 online conference event. Elizabeth will be speaking at the following sessions: ‘An introduction to mistletoe therapy and hyperthermia – successful integrative therapies for cancer’ and ‘The crucial role of hormones’. 

Visit the NCIM website today for a range of inspiring information and events. 

OggaDoon is delighted to be working with NCIM to raise awareness of their life-changing treatments and courses. We love bringing our creativity and pervasive ideas to the table to help organisations, like NCIM, reach their intended audience. 

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