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OggaDoon and Sex Educator Stephanie Healey Put the Spotlight on Pleasure

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At OggaDoon we believe that openness and conversation around challenging subjects is the first step to solving the problems we face. Therefore, we chose to sponsor a talk by Stephanie Healey at TEDxBristol which addressed the topic of the gaps within sex education.

When Was the Last Time You Thought About Pleasure?

Stephanie’s talk challenged the ‘lie back and think of England’ stereotype and brought pleasure to the forefront of the discussion. In addition to sponsoring Stephanie’s talk, at the end of last year OggaDoon had the exciting role of being the PR and comms agency partner for TEDxBristol 2019. The theme of TEDxBristol 2019 was Reflect, Rethink, Reboot, which encouraged honest discussion about some of the biggest challenges we face going into a new decade, and how we can approach and take action on these important issues. 

Addressing the Gap

Stephanie is a psychotherapist, with a particular focus on relationships. After realising that there was a gap in sex education, particularly in terms of the subject of pleasure and connection, she made the decision to become a sex educator, in the hope of addressing this gap. Stephanie’s aim is to have real, sex-positive conversations with young people, with respect and connection at the core of these discussions.

Speech Success

During her talk, Stephanie addressed what, for some, can be a difficult subject in an informative and humorous way, drawing upon her own personal experiences of sex education. Stephanie received an overwhelmingly positive response to her talk, with comments on YouTube congratulating her on the way in which she addressed an important topic, with one person saying, “Such an important issue and you articulated your point in a very clear and easy to follow way. Excellent presentation.” 

At OggaDoon, we are thrilled to have been part of an event which gathered so many inspirational speakers together to talk about a variety of important topics. We are grateful that we had the opportunity to sponsor Stephanie’s talk, and have been so pleased with the positive response which her talk received, both online, and at the event.

If you would like to hear Stephanie’s talk on “Sex Education – Why We Need to Talk About Pleasure” it is available to watch on YouTube.

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