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Entrepreneurial Book Chapter from OggaDoon Founder

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Founder of OggaDoon, Caroline Macdonald, has been featured in an entrepreneurial book ‘The Female Edge‘ with a direct and insightful piece about the ‘weaknesses’ of female founders.

With decades of business smarts behind her, Caroline has for the first time ever shared these directly in a published book. The Female Edge cuts through the assumptions about women in leadership – especially at the top of businesses – and starts to tell far more meaningful stories about the real women who have an edge.

Book cover of 'The Female Edge', in which Caroline Macdonald, founder of OggaDoon, is featured. This is an entrepreneurial book.

As Caroline shared in her chapter:

“So many business books talk about turning weaknesses into strengths, and it is true that there are qualities you want to grow if you want to succeed in business – but for some reason, many of the ‘weaknesses’ identified in woman professionals are just facts or false assumptions.”

Here at OggaDoon, we’re passionate about great storytelling for some of the world’s leading brands. Find out more about what we deliver here, and buy the entrepreneurial book here to raise funds for a good cause.

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