The inaugural Data for Development festival, an in-person gathering of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data’s partner network, took place at Bristol City Hall from Wednesday 21st March to Friday 23rd of March. It was an exciting chance to exchange ideas with partners from around the world, generate new collaborations, and explore the impact of emerging technology on people’s everyday lives.
350+ participants representing the private sector, academia, governments, civil society, foundations, research and development organisations, the United Nations and other multilateral organisations, data scientists and statistical offices, and more came together to discuss, debate, and collaborate. Together, they focused on driving action that would lead to improved outcomes as the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Community looks ahead to 2030 – the internationally agreed deadline for achieving the SDGs.
The Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data (GPSDD) recruited the help of OggaDoon to upload app content, cover the even on social media, and make sure everything ran smoothly. Jenny Oldfield, Communications Director for GPSDD stated:
“In delivering a huge international event in Bristol we realised we needed another pair of hands to communicate the event to our audience outside the room – Emma stepped in and helped us capture all the amazing messages and share them on social channels as well as our festival app, she and OggaDoon were calm, collected, and effective.

On Day One of the festival we were responsible for updating the app content, sending out push notifications, and setting up the VR room. Once set up we assisted Datavised with their four impressive VR immersive experiences.
On Day Two, it was our priority to update the live stream links on the website so people could watch the talks remotely, as well as sending out push notifications on the app, alerting people of the next talks and demonstrations. What’s more, we were lucky enough to attend many talks as we live tweeted from the event for GPSDD.
One talk that really stood out, and highlighted the good that can be done by data, was that of Seth Kwame Boateng who used data to show the Government in Ghana that something needed to be done when it came to the state of their maternity hospitals. $2.5 Million was raised and a new unit opened consisting of 12 delivery beds and 3 theatres. As a result, the lives of seven newborn babies were saved daily. Better data, better decisions, better lives.
The evening of Day Two saw a wonderful Gala dinner held at We the Curious by way of thanks to attendees, but we were up and at ’em for the final day of the festival – Day Three.
Day Three saw OggaDoon in charge of updating the livestream links on site, sending more push notifications, and continuing to live tweet from the talks. The festival wrapped up with a panel of board members debating the future of data, and how we would know if the campaign is working, confirming the importance of tech and data in driving social good.
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