OggaDoon Creative Content Manager, Emily Perkins, Speaking at OiConf

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Our Creative Content Manager, Emily Perkins, will be speaking at OiConf on 29th March on diagnosing why content isn’t working, giving a Masterclass to digital and online influencers from around the world who depend on their content to communicate their message.
It’s a content creator’s worst nightmare. You’ve spent hours agonising over every detail, you’ve optimised within an inch of your life, you post it online…and nothing happens.
When marketing ROIs are tight and you are depending on your digital message to gain you precious leads – and customers – you cannot just ignore content that does not seem to be working. Emily will be talking through some of the instant changes and updates that you can make to your content to increase your chances of success, along with some common pitfalls that brands often slip into – and how to get out.
“We all know that content is king,” Emily explains, “but that makes it even more vital when something doesn’t work to try and fix it. When you are pouring your resource into creating content, the job isn’t done when it is published, and I’ll be giving a masterclass on diagnosing exactly what small and effective changes can be made to see the results you want.”
You’ll be able to catch Emily at 3:30pm on the Main Stage at OiConf, held at the Passenger Shed and Engine Shed in Bristol – and there is plenty of knowledge to be shared there. Speakers will give insight on AI, video, strategy, and PPC, so make sure that you register now.
Prefer to get the insight direct? Click hereto have a chat with Emily about your business and your marketing challenges.

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