All of us at OggaDoon are pretty clear on our position on food: we want it high quality, ethically sourced, well cooked, and preferably on plates. That’s why it’s so fantastic to read about the dialogue between the European Council, Commission, and Parliament.
The event, which took place at the end of May, saw leaders discuss the European Union’s food waste policy, and experts believe that the discussions will occupy the best of two months as they attempt to create rules and guidelines that can better prevent the waste of time, energy, and money through the reduction of food waste.
When you talk to most people about food waste their minds tend to wander to the leftovers sitting in Tupperware in the fridge, or that end of a loaf that they had to bin because it became mouldy. And in a small way, that’s right – but food waste goes so far beyond that. Millions of tonnes of food are disposed of each day by supermarkets, restaurants, and institutions, making that peanut butter cheesecake you just couldn’t finish last night look like . . . well, peanuts.
The numbers on food waste are startling, and when you add to them the figures on food poverty, you start to realise just how far we have to go to redress the balance. Hopefully world leaders will sit up and take note, whether from the European Union or not, and start to think differently about food waste – something that we excel at in Bristol, as we are often considered the most environmentally friendly city with a 44% recycling rate. Perhaps food waste should be our next challenge?
Love discussing food? Bristol solicitors Gregg Latchams is sponsoring Bristol Food Connections this year, and their first event ‘We Love Food’ will involve a workshop contributed by Marti Burgess, Associate Director and Head of Bristol Corporate SMEs. You can read more here.