It’s pretty commonplace (or at least friends reassure us it is) to spend the morning at work thinking of nothing but what we’ll be having for lunch. But the thought of a soggy salad or last night’s leftovers doesn’t always fill us with joy.
If you’re anything like us, sometimes you cave in and allow yourself the luxury of a lunch that hasn’t been sat in your fridge for 18 hours, and that’s when the morning food fantasies really come alive… Bristol isn’t short of a good lunch spot, and the choices can be overwhelming for a hungry, food-obsessed PR team.
Today was one of those days at OggaDoon. Not only were we too lazy to prepare our lunch last night, we were even too lazy to leave the office to pick something up today. That’s where BeLeaf came into the picture and made our (food) dreams come true.
Despite the variety, It can be a tough ask to find a lunch in the city that covers all the major requirements:
Healthy, tasty, not too expensive, will appear magically at my desk.
But BeLeaf covers all four! Having seen the name floating about over the past few weeks, it was time to give them a go. A quick online order (with 50% welcome offer!), and all that was left to do was wait for the knock at the office door.
Their mouth-watering rainbow salads look as perfect in real life as they do on the website (depressingly not always case with online food orders), and taste just as beautiful. An interchangeable selection of all-healthy and all-natural ingredients makes them perfect for even the fussiest eaters.
Though we can only vouch for the excellence of the Gym Box – a vegan protein-packed falafel salad with beetroot hummus, ginger soy dressing, and all the added extras you can handle – we’re pretty sure that BeLeaf salads are set to become a lunchtime staple at the OggaDoon office, as we systematically make our way through the full menu. For research.
Order online before 10am for lunch that day, or later to order for tomorrow, if you’re craving your next box already! Currently only available at Temple Way and the immediate area (lucky us!), we think BeLeaf are on to their way to big things.
Disclaimer: This is not an advert or sponsored post, we just LOVED our BeLeaf lunch so much, we had to keep talking about it once it was all gone! If you’re a food company in Bristol and you think your food is just as good – or better – then you are very welcome to send over a sample. For research.