GameOn is not far off, and after everyone’s August lounge-about, it will suddenly hit us right between the eye sockets. We wait in anticipation to experience the latest in gaming from far and wide, taking place in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The biggest gaming event in the Baltics is a multi-dimensional display of the latest technological advances in gaming gear and newly developed gaming software. You will be able to test and experience new game tech, or learn about recent innovations in the gaming industry through educational workshops and activities.
A highlight this year will be global developers TeleSoftas, who have promised to reveal the new Hurl puzzle game in Virtual Reality. We’re also excited to watch the second qualifying round to the Nordic Game Discovery Contest– the winner of which will get through to the contest finals in 2018. There is still time to enter here.
Most importantly the aim is to have fun and experience the gaming industry in all its high-tech, digital glory through showcase virtual reality games, robots and drones. Don’t miss the first GameOn live concert of some of the most legendary video game soundtracks of all time.