Launching a new company, but don’t know where to start with marketing? It’s a tale as old as time (kind of), and finding what works for you and your brand isn’t always easy.
So when an ambitious 360-degree photography service called Orbitance decided it was time to go public with their new company, they knew a one-size-fits-all marketing method wasn’t going to work for them.
That’s where we came in. They turned to OggaDoon to deliver a guerrilla launch campaign, pulling together PR and social marketing expertise, an established book of media contacts, and a bespoke plan that perfect suited Orbitance’s needs.
Launching in June 2017, Orbitance’s target market was focused on high-end property developers, and estate agents and their customers. The aim: to provide a unique experience transforming the way buyers experience property online.
It was essential that we launched Orbitance with a strong and effective campaign to announce its arrival, and develop momentum and sales traction quickly to outrun the competition. Our guerrilla approach to comms and PR here at OggaDoon was perfect for the brand. Creative and tactile, with a focus on supporting the company’s specific needs, the Orbitance launch campaign concentrated on impact, engaging outreach, and beautiful visual content.
Using curated press lists and contacts with long term relationships, we reached Orbitance’s target audience through press releases, web content, well-populated social platforms, and print media coverage. Their photogenic nature made attractive content an easy win, and our design skills came in handy too.
Despite their brand new web presence and social profiles, Orbitance quickly gained a social following, and plenty of interest from potential customers. Exponential word-of-mouth engagement – online and offline – proved our tell-not-sell content successful, and ultimately saw Orbitance gain three direct sales within a month of their launch.
We’ve been delighted with the success of Orbitance’s launch campaign. It has instigated and a brand buzz and momentum, and gathered interest in Orbitance from both targeted and unsolicited markets.
Orbitance launch at a glance:
  • 5 page website created
  • 7 blog posts
  • 37 Twitter followers in 10 days
  • 664 page views in 2 weeks
  • 2 bookings within 2 weeks of launch
  • 3 direct sales in the first month
Orbitance directors Geoff Langan and Jon Hulatt said:
“OggaDoon really helped us get our business started. OggaDoon listened to our needs, and translated them into an effective launch and broad online media campaign. The response we have had from prospective clients has been excellent, and we feel confident that the personal introductions made for us will continue to convert into on going business.”
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